Marketing Music is Easy…said no one ever.


Have you ever thought:

“There is too much that I don’t understand about the music business.”

“I don’t even know what I should be posting on social media.”

“I can’t figure out how to reach more followers.”

“How do I copyright a song?”

“How do I get Royalties?


Don’t worry, We can help you navigate the music industry.


What is Artist Development

Artist development is one-on-one guided coaching for performers and recording artists. Artist development companies like Lion Bold create a customized artist development plan specifically tailored to your needs and unique goals. We don’t simply provide artist development tips, but instead equip artists with the skills they need for long-term success in the music industry.

Earn an Income With Your Music

Lion Bold Artist Development focuses on creating a business plan with one goal in mind: earning an income from your music. Our exclusive business plan includes the following:


Personal Road Map

This begins with a discussion of what kind of musician you want to be and what musical ambitions, target lifestyle, and financial goals you want to for yourself and your career. This roadmap will then plan out step-by-step how to reach those goals.

Social Media Growth

We understand that social media is a big factor when it comes to local and worldwide success. We help you find your voice and brand so that you consistently put your best foot forward. We also help grow your accounts through targeted engagement.


Confidence oN Stage

Everyone starts in a different place when it comes to standing in the spotlight. No matter where you stand, we make sure that you have the skills needed to put on a powerful, convincing performance on stage that will captivate fans.

Musicianship classes

Constantly increasing musicianship is essential for your long-term career. We work with artists in songwriting, vocal training and teach techniques to expand their musical capabilities on their instruments.


Unlock your full potential.

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Program Overview

  1. Trial lesson: Before beginning, there is one "interview lesson" that is completely free. We do this to make sure that we are a good match and that you will truly find value from our program.

  2. Each week, you receive a personal, one-on-one lesson with one of our instructors.

    1. One-on-one artist development and career coaching

    2. Brand strategy and music marketing lessons

    3. Personalized musicianship training.

  3. Every student receives a custom career roadmap PDF which includes:

    1. Personal Business Plan

    2. Social Media Marketing Strategy

    3. Fashion Look Book

    4. Music Release Schedule

  4. Every minute of meeting time is devoted to your career and your success; you can even use lesson time to record your music in our studio, review a new song idea, or explore new topics of your choice.




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