How It Works

The Lion Bold Recording Artist Development Program is made up of hard working students, professionals, and music lovers who partner with Lion Bold record their music. We are more than a recording studio; we help artists develop their creative talent and business skills to survive in todays music industry. This is the perfect first step for many wishing to begin or improve their career in the music industry.

Who Can Join

Any local artist wanting to join the Lion Bold Collective can submit their application below. Applicants are then interviewed by the label. Anyone is welcome to audition for a spot on the collective. We look for musical potential as well as compatibility in choosing members.

The Program Includes

  1. Weekly hour-long vocal and instrumental lessons to increase proficiency 
  2. Separate from above, a hour-long one-on-one songwriting workshop to develop your skills as a writer and lyricist
  3. Record one demo per month at Lion Bold Studios to build your catalog and pitch to music industry professionals
  4. Daily advice on branding, social media, website design, and earning royalties with your music
  5. Learn how to get your song released on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more

The Benefits

  • Join the Lion Bold community of artists and songwriters
  • Music industry mentorship tailored to your unique goals
  • You get to keep 100% of your recording's copyright
  • You get to keep 100% of your song's publishing
  • Learn production skills as you record in our high-end facility
  • Market your music better and earn more fans

The Cost

Everything described above is included in our month-to-month program. There are no additional studio costs, or hourly rates.

Monthly Cost : $500 per student

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