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Making Cents of Music Streaming Services

The payments doled out by streaming services are a hot button topic in the music industry. Taylor Swift made waves when she removed her music from Spotify, citing that the platform didn’t pay artists fairly. While she eventually allowed her music back onto the platform, her initial decision exposed the dark side of the streaming trend that can hurt artists. We break down what it takes to make a pretty penny streaming your music and how you can increase your streams.

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10 Must-Know Record Labels in the Industry

While we’re big fans of the independent record label, we know that the big three labels - Sony Music, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group - loom large over the industry and have brought tremendous history to the industry as a whole. Under those Big Three are many labels you know and love, and today we want to explore those big names and how they made a name in the industry themselves

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10 Indie Music Labels You Should Know

We’ve got the top ten indie music labels you need to know and submit your music too (as well as one you may not know about…). From UK to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, see where some of your favorite artists got their start.

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