[NEW FOR 2018]


Duties & Responsibilities


  • A&R Intern will be responsible for discovering new talent for the label.
  • A&R Intern will spend time listening to music and attending gigs, visiting clubs, going to showcases, listening to demo recordings, and watching videos of performing acts.
  • A&R Intern will keep up with the new trends and new artists in the music industry as they emerge, and recommending them to the label staff.
  • Accurately communicating the vision, identity, and intentions of Lion Bold Records to potential artists.


  • Must exhibit an excellent understanding of the contemporary music scene.
  • Must have access to trade papers, music magazines and websites.
  • Familiarity with popular blogs and social networking sites, as they are a very important part of the process as they are the most organic source of information in spotting trends.

Evaluation Procedures:

  • Self review
  • Team Review: Strategy, Goals and Tactics will be reviewed with the label staff on an ongoing basis
  • Performance Review – One yearly job performance review with Ryan Waczek


Commission of $100 for each new artist successfully signed to Lion Bold Records.


*Provided that both parties are agreeable to the continuance of employment. Lion Bold Records is an at-will employer, which means that your employment may be terminated at any time by you or by Lion Bold with or without cause or advance notice.