Lion Bold's Own: Artur Nelson

Artur Nelson is breaking through the music scene with bold beats, electric energy, and lyrics that power through the ears of all listeners. After emerging into the industry in 2016 with his E.P. ‘Directors,’ his highly anticipated sequel E.P. ‘If I Ever Say, Hear Me Out’ is set to release this summer 2018. Based on real-life stories from Nelson himself, the album is 6 songs in length and set to release July 23rd.


Until then, Artur and Dallas’ own EDM artist Reflekt aka James Motter teamed up to release Nelson’s latest single ‘Nobody Else’ released July 16th.


Reflekt, who works closely with Nelson, also has a passion for music of his own. From being in a band back in his childhood, to then discovering garageband and mastering the art of production. James and Artur share the same love of electronic music.

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