LION BOLD was founded in 2016 out of a passion for the entertainment industry and a dream be bold in todays entertainment market. As a record label, apparel brand, and a video production house, Lion Bold reaches fans worldwide. Lion Bold began with one founding principle: that the products we create would be positive and respectful for our audiences. We will hold to this single principle for all our artwork, no exceptions.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Lion Bold is to create positive, powerful, and professional media that is competitive with today's entertainment industry. We strive to create art that moves our fans—that is unforgettable. Our goal is to reach people's hearts and minds, and to positively impact society.

Lion Bold Records

Lion Bold Records is not modeled after large record corporations that scam artists out of their rights and take an unfair amount of royalties from hard-working musicians. We instead utilize a profit-sharing structure with each of our artists to pay out earnings. If our artists are successful, then the label is successful, if our artists lose money, then we lose money. This is fair to all parties and is the only way we believe that we can build trust with our artists as true business partners and equals. We want to show our artists that we have our own skin in the game too, and that this is a fight we are fighting together.