Ryan Waczek, a music producer, composer, and songwriter native to San Diego established Lion Bold in 2016. Founding a music startup in the 21st century is no small undertaking. With the emergence of the internet, file-sharing, and digital media—all of it utterly destroying the practices of the old music industry—Lion Bold is striving to carve a new model for success in music.

It is Lion Bold's position that artists fail to make a living because they excel at the artistry but struggle at the entrepreneurship and Ryan, through his company, aims to be the cure for this conflict. By providing open access, free training, and guides, Lion Bold is moving away from the traditional exclusivity of most record labels and inclusively treating all artists as one of their own. Every artist deserves their shot, and Lion Bold is every artist’s record label.

In just a little over a year, Lion Bold has signed three artists, released over 25 songs, and has had their artist’s music on the big screen and on radio stations across the states—all while being accessible to fans and fellow musicians around the world who are hungry to be involved in the music industry.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create positive, powerful, and professional media that is competitive with today's entertainment industry. We strive to create art that moves our fans—that is unforgettable. Our goal is to reach people's hearts and minds, and to positively impact society.