Get Fall Festive with Lion Bold's Upcoming Concerts

October is a busy month for us here at Lion Bold. Our artists are hard at work with their music, preparing for a couple of upcoming shows, and we invite all of our friends and followers to attend. 

Artist Performances

October 14 - Joshua Damian Live at Lestat’s Coffee House

Join us at this cozy coffee house from 9 pm to 11:30 pm and listen to the scintillating tunes of Joshua Damian. Joshua is a small-town artist with big-city dreams, having played guitar for a garage band since he was 12 years old. He’s well into his solo career, with performances at arenas and small venues alike. Check him out!

October 16 - Catie Ryan Opens for Dat Phan at The Comedy Store

Fans of comedian Dat Phan won’t be disappointed with the opening act of Catie Ryan. Have a great night out with friends by listening to some live music, followed by a comedy show. Catie Ryan will be playing from 6 pm to 7 pm, the comedy show starts at 7 pm, and pre-sale tickets are available for $10. You can order tickets here, and make sure to list Catie Ryan as your referral. If you haven’t seen Catie Ryan perform before, don’t miss this chance to see her sing live. She’s been  musically inclined since she was a little girl, growing up surrounded by the art, and maintaining that drive through her current college years. Click here to read more about her passion for music growing up, and listen to her single “Tally Ho!” for free.

October 22 - Daniel Woods Live at Lestat’s Coffee House

Lion Bold returns to Lestat’s again, only this time featuring teen artist Daniel Woods. Daniel will be playing as part of a lineup with fellow San Diego musicians Andrew Barrack and Ryan Hiller. Tickets are $15, and you won’t want to miss the variety of music caliber that these three have to offer. Daniel Woods grew up listening to pop-rock, hip-hop, and musicals, which has shaped the artist he is today. Listen to his single “Falling Through the Sky” by clicking here, and check him out live at Lestat’s.

Lion Bold Returns to Chuckalek Biergarten on Oct. 15

We had such a thrilling time with our Launch Party at Chuckalek Biergarten, that we’re back for another round! Join us again at this intimate, outdoor patio from 6 pm to 8 pm, and enjoy good beer, snacks, and the crowd-pleasing performances of Catie Ryan and Joshua Damian. It’s also North Park Beer Week, so invite your friends for a swig at the Biergarten and a night out on the town.