Ben Lovett to Open a London Music Venue

The band Mumford & Sons are riding high on the release of their latest EP, Johannesburg. But for band member Ben Lovett, he’ll have his hands full at the opening of his new music venue in London this fall. The venue, called Omeara, is situated in Borough’s Flat Iron Square, between two subway stations and a five-minute walk from the London Bridge. 
British newspaper The Independent wrote that Lovett took over the lease in spite of multiple venue closures across the city. Lovett told The Independent, “I’ve been playing and putting on shows in London for my entire adult life...Without the grassroots music venues in this city, the band and I simply wouldn’t have achieved what we have, so I have a lot to be grateful for.”
Lovett hopes that his efforts to reopen Omeara will spark a resurgence in smaller venues again, a plan that even London’s Mayor can get behind. Mayor Sadiq Khan told The Independent that in the wake of European Union exit, his goal is to revitalize the cultural sector, including the smaller grassroots venues that he describes as “the lifeblood of our music scene.” 
Lastly, Khan had this to say: “I know Omeara will be a massive success, helping fresh new talent to make their mark in the capital and have their music heard.”

While a list of the first performers won’t be released until September, new music fans can rest assured that the”lifeblood” of small venues is alive and well, thanks to efforts of those like Ben Lovett.

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