Music From the Stars: The NASA/Apple Collaboration

Back in August of 2012, NASA live-broadcasted the landing of the Mars Curiosity rover. While NASA had been sparse in the news prior to 2012, the celebratory moment was captured in memes and online support for months afterwards. In a small way, it reignited the child-like wonderment that many people held for space exploration.
While NASA is no longer doing manned missions to the Moon, they are still advancing in probe missions, and sending out satellites and rovers to the distant planets of our solar system. In fact, this past Independence Day weekend was also a celebration for the success of the Juno mission. “Juno” is the name of a spacecraft that will be orbiting Jupiter for the first time, and providing more data on Jupiter’s atmosphere and make-up. Juno was launched five years ago and finally reached her destination.
But it wasn’t just the scientific community that got excited: musicians and artists did too!
Apple has officially teamed up with NASA to produce music and educational materials inspired by NASA’s missions, starting with the Juno spacecraft. Artists such as Corinne Bailey Rae, Weezer, Trent Reznor, and Wu-Tang’s GZA will have their space-inspired music available on iTunes and Apple Music.

Dr. Scott Bolton, the Juno mission’s lead investigator, told Billboard that he strongly believed in the union between art and science. He even told Billboard of a time when he dropped off a tape of spacecraft noise for Jimmy Page, the lead guitarist of Led Zeppelin. He was later asked by Page’s manager if he had more.
Dr. Bolton is excited for what this new partnership between Apple and NASA could bring. Sights and sounds from the Juno mission, and any other missions from NASA, will be available for artists to use and draw inspiration from in order to write memorable music. 
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