Takeaways from the Apple Update

In case you hadn’t heard, Apple announced some big changes at their annual presentation on September 7. Not only did we get a fresh update to the iPhone with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but also a new Apple Watch, new wireless earbuds and more. But what does all this shiny, new technology mean for music fans like you? Well, today we’re taking a look at what these new updates could mean for your music experience with Apple. 

Apple Music News

At the beginning of the presentation, Tim Cook took a ride with James Corden for a round of “Carpool Karaoke”, before citing that Apple Music had grown to 17 million paid subscribers. That’s a little less than half of Spotify’s 39 million subscribers, but growing steadily. In this competitive music streaming market, Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal are still clamoring for more listeners, especially by bringing out the big guns in the form of exclusive music from big name artists. Apple Music itself touts Taylor Swift and Frank Ocean among its heavy hitters. With the oncoming iOS10, there will be some tweaks to the Music app, making it easier to find recently downloaded songs and even look up lyrics. 

Waterproof Apple Watch

Waterproofing was a popular feature announced for the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2. But what was most impressive was how they went about plugging the holes in the Watch. The speaker was redesigned to expel water after taking a swim, while still being fully functional. Exercisers can still use the Apple Watch for all their activities, including swimming and diving up to 50 feet. The Apple Watch can also be paired with Bluetooth headphones, and can sync a music playlist or two without needing your iPhone with you. Now you can even listen to music in the rain!

Goodbye Headphone Jack, Hello AirPods

Speaking of Bluetooth headphones, many music fans were aghast at the removal of the headphone jack in the new iPhone 7 model. From now on, wired headphones can be made available to link up with the Lighting port, or users can easily sync up a pair of Apple’s newly announced AirPods (sold separately from the phone).

But Fear Not, Headphone Lovers!

There is good news! Apple will include a headphone jack/Lightning port adapter with every iPhone 7, so you can continue enjoying your favorite pair of headphones without fuss or shelling out cash.

In Nerd Music News: 

Apple wasn’t the only live event that grabbed the spotlight today. Over in London, the London Philharmonic Orchestra played selections from the “Final Fantasy XV” video game soundtrack live from Abbey Road Studios. It was an iconic musical performance in a historic location, and you can watch it all on YouTube by clicking the link below. 


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