Catch Up with Catie Ryan and Daniel Woods

Today we wanted to take a moment to catch you up on what’s been happening with our Lion Bold artists!

Catie Ryan & Kevin Waczek

As some of you may know, Catie Ryan is also a student at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Between balancing classes, homework, and lab studies, she still finds time to write and perform her fantastic music. UCSD holds an annual music festival every year known as the Sun God Festival, and includes a Battle of the Bands. This competition showcases the best of UCSD’s student musicians, including some very familiar Lion Bold names.

Catie Ryan and Kevin Waczek are in queue to enter the Battle of the Bands this April 12, but they need the help of their fellow UCSD students! If you’re a student, follow this link and be sure that you’re logged into your UCSD student email account. Once on the page, scroll down to “Catie + Kevin” and cast your vote! Be sure to cast it by March 17!

But Before You Go…

Something big is also going down at UCSD on March 10: it’s The Mowglis! And not only are they making headlines at the Eleanor Roosevelt College “Rock N Roosevelt” event, but our own Catie Ryan will be one of the openers. If you’re a student at UCSD, run on over to the Rock N Roosevelt on March 10 to catch Catie Ryan live!

Daniel Woods

Now, Daniel Woods has been busy with a few secret projects of his own. While we can’t share all the details yet, Daniel’s been hard at work finishing up his very first EP by this summer. With that release, Daniel and our team are planning a special celebration and concert for later this summer. Daniel is very excited about what’s to come this summer, including his birthday. He shared, “It’ll kind of be like celebrating the birth of myself and of my music as an artist.” So stay tuned for the details! 

If you’re a student at UCSD, don’t forget to vote for "Catie + Kevin" to enter the Battle of the Bands by March 17. You can follow our artists for more updates, on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Subscribe to our newsletter to get direct updates about our upcoming events too.