Artur Nelson Releases New Single "Lights-Unplugged"


If you haven't heard of Artur Nelson, it's only a matter of months before his music is flooding every Indie Pop playlist on Spotify.

Artur Nelson

Continuing His Winning Streak

Artur Nelson released his Pop-EDM inspired 6-track EP titled "If I Ever Say" back in July and reached fans with huge popularity. Teaming up with EDM artist Reflekt, the single track off the album titled "Nobody Else" reached over 110,000 streams and keeps Nelson at a consistent 10,000 engaged monthly listeners—and these metrics are only on Spotify!

Now, Artur Nelson is continuing his success with his new single "Lights - Unplugged," a heart-wrenching ballad-version of one of his most well-received tracks off his last release. The song unfolds the painful events of the final moments of a failing relationship. Featuring Nelson's seldom heard raw, unprocessed vocals and acoustic piano, this song is a refreshing reminder of the talent held by the EDM-pop singer.

"Lights - Unplugged" releases on all streaming platforms October 31st.

Artur Nelson

More about Artur Nelson

Artur Nelson came onto the music scene late 2016 with the release of his E.P. Directors. Artur Nelson teamed up with Dallas EDM artist Reflekt, aka James Motter. The album infused electronic pop with indie rock vibes and garnered listeners worldwide. The sequel to the E.P. released Summer of 2018 titled "If I Ever Say."


"Everyone's got a story; mine just happens to be told through music."

- Artur Nelson


Artur Nelson grew up taking music lessons, tackling years of guitar and vocal training and further taught himself to play drums, banjo, bass, and piano. The latter of which is what drives the majority of his music. With the successful worldwide reception of his debut E.P "Directors," Artur signed a deal to Lion Bold records in San Diego, CA. Artur Nelson works closely with Dallas EDM artist Reflekt, aka James Motter, to produce the album. Artur's most significant musical influences include One Republic, The Fray, and The Chainsmokers. Artur influences electronic pop with indie rock vibes that garner listeners worldwide. Artur has already seen worldwide success with his recent music being featured on over 100 Spotify Playlists, including Fresh Finds: Poptronix, Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Trap and Bass.

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