The Greatest Thing About “Good Vibrations”

Music and arts festivals are one of the most vibrant places to express yourself. Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Stagecoach...these are just a few examples of places where music lovers go to hear their idols play among like-minded people.

But what about those who can’t hear?

In spite of the handicap, even the deaf can enjoy great music and good times at huge gatherings, thanks to places like Good Vibrations Music & Arts Festival. The festival debuts in San Antonio, TX this May, but there’s already lots of buzz about what makes this event so unique. According to their website, Good Vibrations is a festival that is “completely deaf/hard-of-hearing accessible with live captioning, ASL interpretation, T-coiling, vibrating backpacks and a visual light show,” as a place where “people of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances can enjoy...good food and good music.”

What’s most impressive is the technology that will be available to the hearing impaired festival goers. One example is T-coiling, for those who have hearing aids and cochlear implants. The T-Coiling syncs hearing devices with the music for a clearer sound! 

Another techno marvel are the vibrating backpacks produced by Subpac, which are also synced to the music. The hearing impaired can wear them, literally “feel” the music, and bob to the beat like everyone else. It’s truly what gives the festival it’s good name. 

Festival founder and Miss San Antonio Emma Faye Rudkin (who is also deaf), told local KSAT News that the goal of the festival is to bring a unique experience to the hearing impaired. “It encompasses the whole of the body, not just the ears,” said Rudkin.

Though the full lineup has yet to be finalized, the playlist includes headliner Ben Rector, songwriting duo Penny & Sparrow, and more. If you happen to be in San Antonio, TX on May 20th, stop by Good Vibrations for a new way to experience the music you love.