Behind the Scenes of Catie Ryan’s “Curved Pinkies”

If you haven’t had a chance, check out Catie Ryan’s beautiful music video for “This Isn’t A Love Song (Curved Pinkies).” You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll immediately remember your first love.

Since it’s release this past week, “Curved Pinkies” has garnered over 1,000 views, with the ticker going up more every day. We want to congratulate Catie Ryan and the team that put this video together, including Lion Bold’s own Kevin Waczek. I took a moment of their time this week to talk about the video and how it came together.

Catie Ryan had written the song a few years ago with Mark Rogoff, hashing out the story and song on a couch in her garage. As for the line about “curved pinkies” in the song? “Well, Mark has naturally curved pinkies and the girl that the song is about isn't even worthy of them,” said Catie.

After fully mastering and producing the song, she opted to make it the debut for her first music video. It won’t be her last, though! “Expect more music videos in the future!” said Catie, “It'll be hard when Kevin is in the video with me (hint hint) as we might have to find a new director!”

While the video was a collaborative effort, Kevin Waczek was the man behind the camera. “For more of the technical side the music video, it has its share of more studio style high production and run and gun style filming,” said Kevin, “This was the first film I got to use my Kessler Crane, which is the piece of equipment that was featured during the band scene shots.” Kevin went on to share that he combined his short-film skills with his music background, while also studying the styles of different artists on YouTube for inspiration.

Kevin and Catie wanted to extend thanks to all those who helped with the video. Kevin had this to say: “It was a lot of fun working with everyone. And a special thanks to Allison Waczek, Ryan Waczek, Alessandra Shanus, Yeeleng Xiong, and Annie Barr. [They] either helped as an extra hand on set or with constructive opinion in the editing and processing of the video.”

Catie shared: “Kevin directed, filmed, and edited the film beautifully, but we couldn't have finished it without the help of Mark [Rogoff], the two actors Wyatt Hoffman and Sarah Blacker, and my older brother Ryan Waczek. Special thanks to my parents, Allison and Tom, and Alessandra Shanus for their support. A special shout out to Jonathan Clack for playing electric guitar and Andre Almeida for playing bass on such short notice!”

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