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How Does The Music Industry Work?

To become a successful artist, it often takes more than talent. You’ve heard it time and again, and by now you might be spinning in circles trying to find the best way to launch yourself into the circle of success. Well, wonder no more, because today we’re breaking it down into three areas of improvement that guarantees a turnaround for you. We marry your talent with the business know-how to build your brand and gain popularity. Pay attention.

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Is a 360 Music Deal Good or Bad?

The 360 deal is one of the most common, and most misunderstood, contracts in the industry. Many hate it on sight, assuming that it’s designed to solely screw over the artist. However, it’s not the predatory contract that many assume it to be. Each case and application of this contract is different, and if it’s structured correctly and fairly, both the artist and the record company can walk away with a profit.

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